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  • The garden project in Chwaszczyno

    project: pracownia MK


    The property, about 4000m2, is situated in a picturesque landscape near Gdynia. The main task of the project was to create zones that would at the same time keep both the atmosphere and the character of the whole property. In this way zones were created that both integrate and organize the existing elements. The whole area is naturally divided into two parts by a driveway, which makes for both a “natural” part and a more “formal” one. In the natural part there is a sport zone with a tree house, a zone for relaxing with a fireplace and a shelter, as well as an area for an orchard. In the north-east part there is a natural forest wall. The formal part are the surroundings of a rustic house. In order to maintain a more intimate atmosphere, there is a high wall of greenery in the south-west part. The differentiated terrain was divided into ground terraces.