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MK+ is the space for my passions and interests. I’m a landscape architect by trade but my interests often exceed both architecture and landscapes. And thus this is a place that showcases a variety of my works.

The pictures that I mostly take present nature in a variety of scale and aspects. Even the smallest detail can be an inspiration to create something bigger. I love details!

Sewing was present in my life since very young age. In the beginning guided by my mom, and later on my own I start sewing and I kept on doing it until now. This form of creation gives me a lot of fun and joy.

Kids are often my inspiration. Their imagination and the way they pour their ideas on paper often gave me an impulse to create. Thanks to them I create graphics, calenders, pillows and much more.

Designing spaces, including but not limited to landscapes, gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Creating objects and then arranging and finding the best place for them in a specific interior is one of my greatest pleasures.

Welcome to MK+